Thursday, April 22, 2010


Weightlessness is the state of a body at which he weight of a body is zero.During freefall, the reaction of force may be zero.So weight, also defined as measure of reaction force, becomes zero at that state.Also outside the gravitational field the body can have zero weight.These are simply called weightlessness.

Weightlessness can be classified into two types:-
  • True weightlessness
  • Apparent weightlessness

True weightlessness:

The state of body at which the weight of a body is zero due to absense of acceleration due to gravity.Outside gravitational field, mass(m) can never b zero but acceleration due to gravity(g) is zero.And we know weight(W)=mg,


.;. W=0

Apparent weightlessness:

Simply the weight of a body while its in freefall is called apparent weightlessness.This is due to lack of reactant force to the body.

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  1. The gravity of star is researched by earthmeasured and also described in and Ezekiel and sator.